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With RICON HOMES, you can relax and enjoy your free time while we take care of building your new home. Past clients have chosen RICON HOMES because we offer:
  • Superior reputation and experience
  • Cost savings and guaranteed budget
  • Custom selection
  • Advanced engineering and CAD design
  • Energy efficiency
Whether you are interested in increasing your square footage for a growing family or downsizing to a home that is more manageable, one of our many designs is sure to suit your needs. RICON HOMES’ sales associates are available to sit down with you at your convenience to answer any questions, discuss modifications to existing designs or to review your own plan for modular home construction.
imageWhere We build

    RICON HOMES Service Area includes New London and Windham counties in South Eastern Connecticut and Washington County in Rhode Island.

President’s Message


When I started this company my major goal was to make clients happy. It still is. The cornerstone of my business is customer satisifaction.

I streamline the building process for clients by offering full construction services, including real estate assistance, competitive mortgage financing and comprehensive on-site building management, from planning and permitting to setting and custom finish work. And I never forget the value of your time and money. I believe in on-time and within budget for every project undertaken. To that end, I provide oversight on every project.

As a father, I am personally as well as professionally committed to building eco-friendly, “Green” and energy efficient homes. We use recycled products and actively reduce construction waste. In our strong partnership with our manufacturer, we are striving to save our planet and not pollute the world we live in.

RICON HOMES I encourage you to visit our office in Oakdale, Connecticut to meet all my staff.

I know that a home is one of the largest, single purchases you will make. I promise quality craftsmanship, solid home value and guaranteed service from start to finish, from a dream to ... your home!

I thank-you for your interest in RICON HOMES.


Attila G. Keller


The Best Value
Modular homes are built in factories, and benefit from the assembly line production process. The factories buy lumber, sheet rock, carpet, paint, etc., in large quantity resulting in cost savings that will be reflected in the home price. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsman moving between workstations on the factory floor.

The Highest Quality
Modular homes are built in a modern controlled environment, and they are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process. Call us today to make an appointment to see our factory.

To insure a safe and secure trip to your property, modular homes are built especially well, using high quality materials. 

Peace of Mind
Modular homes mean no more worries. Modular homes you get many advantages, for example, with modular homes you get consistently excellent build quality, speedy predictable production periods, guaranteed prices, design flexibility over your house, and a highly energy efficient home.
Still Unsure Whether Modular is Right for You?
Here are some Common Questions with
Straight Answers from RICON Owner Attila Keller.

Q1: I see that many modular homes have been built in recent years.
What is so special about modular homes?

    Anwer: Modular homes provide many advantages and they can all be traced back to the modular home factory. Modular homes are built by professionals in a controlled environment with state-of-the-art equipment. What this means is that RICON Homes is able to strictly control quality, cost, completion time, and materials. Lets look at the facts:

RICON HOMESRICON HOMES guarantees price--no "unforseen expenses" that can wreak havoc on your bank account.
    RICON HOMES guarantees the date of completion--since 90% of your home will be built in a controlled factory environment factors such as weather will have no impact on the date your home is to be finished.
    RICON HOMES uses state of the art computer technology to customize the look of your home, including control over everything from bathroom lighting fixtures to countertops--this is a big selling point because it reinvents the common misconception that modular homes lack the ability to be tailored to individual customer tastes.
Modular home systems have experienced unbelievable sales growth at a rate of 10% over the past 5 years--modular systems have evolved and matured both in technology and their capacity to be produced.
Finally, to answer your question and demonstrate how confident I am with our modular homes, each home is backed by an unprecedented 10 year structural warranty. This warranty guarantees that for 10 years your house will have no structural defects, and work and craftsmanship will be guaranteed for 1 full year. You can learn more about this warranty here.


Q2: This sounds good so far, but can't I pick just any modular home builder? Are their really any differences from RICON and their competitors?

RICON HOMESAnswer: We at RICON HOMES encourage our customers to do the homework when it comes to making one of their single biggest lifetime investments. Customers who choose us over competitors have stated that they trust RICON HOMES because of our reputation for quality work, reliability, honesty and proven track record of finishing on time and within guaranteed budget.

    RICON HOMES also offers a staffed model home and office that provides one-stop shopping. There you will find experienced sales people who can discuss your building project from start to finish. You will also be able to see samples of our quality materials. All these materials are decided upon during a sales session and are then configured using premium technology. At RICON HOMES we listen. RICON HOMES' responsibility to the customer has just begun. We continue to help customer's find financing and once the home is built we honor an exlusive 1/10 warranty, which insures years of worry free, hassle free enjoyment from your new home.


Q3: So are there cost savings between RICON HOMES and their competitors?

RICON HOMESAnswer: Cost savings can come in a variety of forms. RICON HOMES will beat any competitor's price with the same specifications, with guaranteeed final pricing. Many builders do not offer guaranteed pricing due to the fact of their cost overuns caused by mismanagement and overcharged materials. Also, RICON HOMES' management experience provides a shorter construction duration which results in substantial savings on your construction loan.

    Q4: I've heard you mention this 10/1 Warranty, and this seems like a great way to stand by your work, but what is this warranty really about? Do I get it in writing?

Answer: 10/1 is a warranty that is only available to exclusive builders, and we are proud to offer this exceptional warranty to our customers. Essentially, you can move into your new modular home knowing that you have the most energy efficient and cost effective option available on the market today plus the piece of mind that it will continue to function this way for years to come. Specifically, the warranty covers 10 years on all structural components, 1 year on craftsmanship, and 1 year on materials. Additional information can be found here.

• Better Business Bureau
• Builders Association of Eastern CT
Licensing and Certification

• Connecticut New Home Construction Contractor
• Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor
• Rhode Island New Home Construction Contractor
• Certified LEED (Green Builder)