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Design Options

1. Standard Floor Plans

2. If you choose not to go with one of the standard plans offered by Ricon other plans can be modified to be built as a modular.  The standard plans offered by RICON HOMES can be modified to suit the customers’ needs.

3. Bring us your Idea, Plan, Drawing and with our Design professionals we will help you to build the Home of Your Dreams.

RICON HOMESIf you can dream it, we can build it! Ricon welcomes custom designs that many home buyers associate with traditional on-site construction.

Look into the future. Our computer aided design programs can bring your dream home to life in 3D virtual reality. Walk though your new home before construction begins, move walls, modify kitchens, baths and other features all at the touch of a button.

Note:  RICON HOMES offers numerous floor plans in addition to those shown on our website.

Your RICON HOMES representative will help you to find the right home plan for your needs. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, your RICON HOMES representative will go over any modifications that you would like to make, and help you through the process of customizing your plans.

4. Custom Homes - Visit our manufacturer's websites to view custom homes.



• Standard Design
Choose one of our standard design floor plans , available with custom options.

• Multi-family and Commercial Buildings

• Professional Package
 RICON’s Professional Package is ideal for Homebuilders, Developers, or Homesowners who want to finish their own home.  This includes custom designed and approved prints, the modular home with taxes, transportation, crane and operator cost, and set crew to set your house and weather tie it on its foundation.
5. Fit your lifestyle and your budget

Turnkey or Drop set. You can choose to have Ricon take care of all your site/finish work (“Turnkey”) or you can do all or some of the site/finish work yourself/or through your own contactor and have Ricon merely “Drop and Set” your house. )
Turnkey Projects

RICON HOMES Pricing on Turnkey projects includes:
RICON HOMESBuilding Permits
Site costs of Clearing, Excavation, Backfill and Grading, Driveway, Landscape
Foundation costs of Footings, Walls, Slab/Floor, Damp-proofing/Sealer, Basement windows,
 Kneewalls, Sill plate, Lally Columns, Bulkhead, Perimeter drains, Sump pump
Utilities:  City water or well, City sewer or septic, Gas service, Utility poles, Utilities
Modular home cost, delivered with tax
Crane and set cost, Exterior finish work, Roofing, Gable ends, Fillers, Siding (if you decline ours)
Attach ship loose items, dormers etc.
Interior finish work, Trim out mating wall opening, Trim out ceiling/wall areas
Finish stairways, Install basement stairs, basement insulation, Rails
Flooring fillers, Drywall work, Install/complete trim
Exterior stairs
Plumbing tie-ins, heating system (boiler, stack, pumps etc.)
Electric tie-ins, bulbs, batteries etc.
Cables for TV, phone
Dumpster and cleanup
Equipment to move modular units on site
Canvass or other protection

imageAdditional Charge Items:
Site blasting, hauling off material
Underground utilities
Foundation wall insulation
Painting (walls, finish, trim)
Flooring (typically flooring is done locally)
Decks, Porches, Garages (some models)
Finish upper levels, capes, chalets
Finish lower levels, split-level homes
Arrange for “hold” if site area too small
Temporary power

Customer Insurance on Turnkey projects:

Prior to the commencement of construction, the Purchaser must provide RICON HOMES with a certificate of insurance evidencing that a hazard insurance policy, including extended coverage, will be in effect at least through the date that the Modular Home is placed on the foundation.  The insurance must be in an amount not less than the purchase price in the contract. (Further details explained in contract.)
Drop Set

RICON HOMESHaving your home Drop Set is a money saving option.  By hiring a General Contractor or acting as your own General Contractor on your project, you save on the expense of management fees. 

Customer’s Responsibilities –

Site Preparation Prior to Delivery
Prepare lot to Ricon Modular Homes’ specifications. A level, compacted area large enough for crane is required. Trees and shrubs, fences and other objects are to be removed or trimmed to allow access for modules, crane, and the setting of the home. Foundation must be backfilled prior to delivery of modules. Please call for site inspection to discuss these details.
• Provide a crane (and operator) and a bulldozer (and operator) of sufficient size for the day of delivery and the day the unit is to be set onto the foundation, (if REQUIRED), per Ricon’s site inspection. RICON HOMES will make that determination based on the lot and weather conditions.
• Provide a double sill plate, one pressure treated (with sill sealer) and one pine, on the top of the foundation (2 x 6) around the entire perimeter of the house, square and level, shim sill plates if necessary to make level.
PLEASE NOTE: Anchor bolts cannot extend above plates, either set the bolts flush and countersink for the nuts or use anchor straps. Provide lally columns sized Ricon homes’ Specs for installation by set crew.
• Provide a kneewall (IF REQUIRED) by RICON HOMES’ specifications for model chosen.
• Make sure foundation is for proper house ordered and built to RICON HOMES’ Blueprint specifications. Notify your foundation company if you have made any changes to the size of foundation.
• Measurement of foundation must be within 1/4” of square and 1/8”of level. Length and width must be within 1/4” of plan dimensions.
• There will be debris from the removal of the shipping protections of the modules. It would advantageous to have a dumpster available. If no dumpster is available, set crew will pile the debris for Buyer’s disposal.


After Delivery
The customer is responsible for all finish work as stated in contract.


Prior to the commencement of construction, the Purchaser must provide RICON HOMES with a certificate of insurance evidencing that a hazard insurance policy, including extended coverage, will be in effect at least through the date that the Modular Home is placed on the foundation.  The insurance must be in an amount not less than the purchase price in the contract. (Further details explained in contract.)

RICON HOMES Responsibilities

- Receive the unit at delivery and inspect to make sure the unit matches the blueprint.
- Set crew measuring a foundation for length, width, and squareness, levelness.
Any deviation from foundation plan must be signed off by Buyer prior to set.
- Remove shipping wrap
- Set modular units on foundation, alignment of units on foundation.
- Raise roof to proper height and install and secure roof knee walls and gable ends.
- Weather tie roof by finishing roofing
- Bolt units together in basement at marriage wall beam per code.
- Lally columns and top/bottom plates will be installed per specifications
- Pile transporter frames per set instruction for pick up by modular home manufacturer.
- Receive shipped loose inventory with buyer.


Typical Construction Sequence:

1.    Locate and attain building lot.
2.    Choose Modular home model and customize with options and color selections.
3.    Sign Contract with RICON HOMES and attain Bank assignment of funds, completed and signed.
4.    Order drawings for permits.
image 5.    Determine delivery dates.
6.    Site Preparation
          - Get permits in place.
          - Clear site as required.
          - Excavation
          - Footings, foundation and slab
          - Waterproofing
          - Required local inspectors
          - Access for Modular units
          - Grading and Driveway
9.    Delivery date confirmed with RICON HOMES
10.  Set crew scheduled
11.  Crane scheduled
12.  Completion of modules scheduled
13.  Utilities:   Temporary power
          - Water /  well system
          - Sewer / septic system (unless has to be delayed until after house set complete)
          - Electrical and/or Gas Service
14.  RICON HOMESSub-Contractors
          - Masonry
          - Crane operator
          - Set crew
          - Siding contractor
          - Basement floor insulation installer
          - Plumber
          - Electrician
          - HVAC
          - Drywall contractor
          - Flooring Contractor
          - Trim carpenter
          - Painter
          - Heavy equipment
          - Seeding and Landscaping

Pricing and Payment

Final price estimates will be given to you once you have decided on your plan of choice and the options and customized features you would like to include.  The initial price of your house is based on the plans you have selected, specifications, customized items/modifications, freight costs and sales tax.  Site work will be priced accordingly per the A2 survey.

A payment schedule will be given to your as part of your contract.  Payment schedules and amounts vary according to the project. An example payment schedule is as follows:

1st payment      Due upon signing contract     
2nd payment     Due before construction starts                               
3rd payment      Due on the date foundation finished and backfilled
 4th payment      Due on delivery of home curbside
 5th Payment      Due on the date start finishing work
 6th payment      Due on the date halfway finishing work completed
 7th Payment      Due on date construction finished by builder

All payments must be made by certified bank check .

Delivery Time/Timetable

1)  The AverageTime schedule for Delivery is 6-8 weeks after
 Ricon has a complete order and deposit.
2)   Timetable


Once you have chosen your plans and options your approximate project Timetable will look like this:


Delivery and Timetable

  Time   Task
  Start   Order the home;  with financing on hand
  2-4 weeks   Preliminary Plans Ready
  2 weeks   Builder Plans Ready; Plot Plan done; Apply for Building Permit;
  2-4 weeks   Building Permit/Bank Commitment Letter; Copies provided to Modular Home factory
  4-6 weeks   Foundation in place, ready for modular delivery
  1 day   Delivery/Set of modular home
  3-6 weeks   Power and Water On
  6-10 weeks   Certificate of Occupancy
1 2
3 4
Teardown, Rebuild and Remodeling, and Additions

  • RICON HOMES specializes in existing building teardown, replacing old building with a new modular or convential framed building.
  • Additions are also available to increase your living area.
  • Renovation and design to existing building help you to enjoy your house with all new futures.
1 2
3 4

Conventional Stick Built /Onsite Construction

Although we specialize in Modular construction, RICON HOMES also offers conventional, on Site Construction  – building your plan to your specifications.

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