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RICON Homes was started over 20 years ago as a full service modular home company. This full service model is made to be from the moment you decide you want a home and need land to build on, to the moment you move your last piece of furniture in. With knowledge of real estate we will find you the best piece of land, then we will work together to determine the home style and design features, after building we will check in to make sure your home is the best fit for you! 

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Why Build Modular?



Over 20 years ago I decided to start RICON Homes. I had been working in the real estate market and saw a gap in housing industry. I understood that people needed high quality homes but at a more affordable price point. Through research I learned about modular homes; high quality, customizable and the ability to make them more eco-friendly.


These houses represented everything I believed in when it came to building your future home. Many years later, I still believe that a modular home can be the right home for everyone and RICON Homes will provide you the best one possible. 

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