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Our Services

RICON Homes works to support many types of building and remodeling needs. Meet with us to start the planning process!

Modular Home Construction

With over 160 house plans we are able to customize any home to fit your dream! Modular Homes are built in a factory and are precision-engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability.

Demolition and Rebuild

Demolition and Rebuilding with Modular is the best solution when you've outgrown your current home but like your neighborhood, or if your house sustains irreprable damage and destruction. Instead of remodeling, a Demolish and Rebuild adds value to your property and gives you a brand new, happy home. We are highly experienced and can help every step of the way.


Beachside Homes

In the shoreline communities of Rhode Island and Connecticut RICON Homes has provided premeir building services. Houses built by the beach have their own regulations and needs that sometimes differ from the regular home. Let us help you create a haven!

Stick Built Construction

Different than Modular Homes, these homes are built on site to specifications from foundation up. The timeline for a stick built is generally longer than that of a modular home, however, it gives you the opportunity during construction to have a flexible communicative plan. 

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